Gratitude Bundle : Practising Gratitude and on the Way to Happiness

Gratitude Bundle

Did you know that practising gratitude daily will change your mindset?

Do you know how to practise gratitude and live a happier life?

This Gratitude bundle will teach you the simple steps to reinforce the Gratitude habit and lead you to a happier life.

The changes in you will be obvious to others around you.

I use it in my class with a child who suffers from anxiety and his mother is noting the changes in him.

It is great tools to use and it can be downloaded time and time again.

It's also a great gift idea!

Get Your Gratitude Bundle Now

You can start developing the habit of gratitude with this bundle which contains downloadable pdf's:

-weekly templates 
-attractive Binder Cover
-Reflection sheet template to use as many times as you want
-Gratitude Jar labels

How do you build a Mindfulness business?

Mindfulness-Business in a box
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How do you build a Mindfulness business?

Get ready to build a successful Mindfulness business online. 

Is it worth considering building a Mindfulness business online?

Hell yes! Check social media and just see how tuned in people are to mindfulness practices. It is a popular niche as people are looking to be less stressed, less anxious, and to live a better quality of life in a demanding modern world.

Mindfulness Business in a Box
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Millions of people are looking for Self-help strategies as they become more aware of the need for physical and mental health and wellness.

Mindfulness also covers a great range of people who need answers to their problems and strategies to develop mindfulness.

Stressed-out parents, couples developing successful relationships, people with social disorders and those who are just into calming their mind with new practices.

Mindfulness can help, if not solve their problems and people are looking for ways to change or develop new habits of mind.

Calming of the mind is needed when people cannot rid their mind off negative thoughts and memories from the past.

The Mindfulness-Niche-In-A- Box covers a wide range of topics and is able to cater for a varied amount of interests and needs of the community. It covers different niches, some of which will overlap.

This gives you lots of opportunities to reach a lot of people in this fast-growing niche- Mindfulness.

What do you get in this comprehensive business in a box?

Main eBook
Help your readers discover what the Mindfulness niche is and how it can help in a variety of areas with the content-filled Main eBook. The book explains Basic Concepts and Principles about Yoga and covers a variety of topics. 

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Are you Looking For Anti-Bullying Resources?

Are you Looking For Anti-Bullying Resources

  If you are looking for anti-bullying resources, this post may help you.

In another post, I wrote about my experiences with bullying, specifically with kids with autism.

However, bullying is a concern for all children and some children are homeschooled because of bullying.

In the previous post about bullying, I outlined some techniques that may help. If you, or someone you know, has experienced bullying, do you have any strategies that have worked? You can include them in the Comments section below.

I have researched some books and strategies that deal with bullying from an autism supplier. I am an affiliate with this merchant as they have thousands of products all in one place. 

Their products are high quality but are low cost, compared to the suppliers who were targeting teachers when I was working full-time in autism. 

If you are a parent, teacher, or a school administration, you may be interested in the products I have chosen for you.

All products can be purchased through this link

When you get into the home page, just type the name of the product into the Search bar.

The Goodbye Bully Machine Description

This book will help your grade school age students understand how to recognize and stop bullying. The bully machine
 that is "loud and powerful, with spinning wheels and whirling blades. It's cold and mean and looks kind of dangerous." 
Students will learn that there could be several reasons behind why someone is bullying. They will learn to recognize
mean words, teasing, and back handed insults. Lots of tips will help your students deal with bullying behaviors and
challenge students to stand up to it when they see it.
Size: 8 x 8 x .25 inches

48 Pages
The Goodbye Bully Machine

Are You a Bully?Description

Teach kids how to recognize bad behavior and deal with bullies with this helpful photographic picture
 book. Simple, readable text clearly communicates how to identify a bully and fix poor behavior, as well
 as what kids should do if they are being mistreated. Young children may read through the book
 themselves or with the help of a parent or teacher. Helpful extension ideas and activities are included
 to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension while encouraging kids to apply the lesson to daily 

Throughout the book, pictures and text show examples of a bully’s behavior such as stealing, teasing, 
and excluding someone from the group. Occasional question prompts ask kids to think critically, use 
empathy, and problem solve through theoretical situations. Helpful full color photos of grade school 
aged children reinforce the text with visual cues. At the end, the book communicates that it is important
 to tell an adult if you are being bullied, and stresses the importance of including others.

Are You A Bully?

Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders

Students on the autism spectrum frequently are the victims of bullying.

Encourage kids to think and solve this issue using a game format with Bullies Victims and Bystanders!
 Use this game to educate students on the consequences of bullying for everyone involved. This game
 is designed to teach your students positive behavioral strategies to overcome bullying.

While playing, your students will learn proactive ways to deal with bullies, how to help victims, and 
what bystanders can do when they witness it happening. Use this resource to teach empathy and 
prevent abuse in the future. The game is designed to introduce vital concepts and teach helpful 
language to empower your students to create a bully free classroom.

To play, students move along the board selecting bullies, victims or bystanders cards. Topic cards 
provide your students with lots of opportunities to model good behavior and practice strategies to deal
 with bullying. The game cards can be used outside of the game to provide discussion starting points 
to discuss positive and negative behavior as it relates to bullying.

Ages 6-12

Bullying Prevention Program- "Reel" in Bullying Description

Bullying is an unfortunate problem in many schools today. Children may be afraid to defend others or 
report it to teachers out of fear. The Bullying Prevention Program is here to teach all students about the
 effects of bullying and help remove it from your classroom.

This is an excellent resource to help Teachers "reel in" bullying in their classes. This violence 
prevention program is a great way to inform your students on how to recognize and deal with bullies in
 an appropriate way.

The topics covered are:

  - Bullying on the Bus
  - Peer conflict
  - Learning the role of a bully in action
  - Why do bullies exist?
  - Different types of bullies
  - Targeted children
  - How to respond when targeted
  - What to do when you witness a bully attempt
  - Difference between reporting vs. tattling

Included in this casing are a large, fully-colored teacher's manual, student workbook, and a 90 minute

Bullying Prevention Program

The Autism Playbook for Teens Description

The Autism Playbook helps teens on the spectrum develop social skills by learning positive 
communication skills and develop the emotional management techniques they need for social success.

The mindfulness-based activities in this book will help teens to calm their minds, relax their bodies, 
have fun, and build better relationships. Through systematic exercises teens will develop their ability to
 concentrate, detect cues from their environment, and manage their experiences of emotions in a 
positive and proactive manner. Relatable stories throughout the book offer support and practical 
examples for teen readers.

This book is broken into three parts, section one teaches teens to calm their body and mind.

In this section teens will learn practical strategies to manage anxiety and self-calm. Section two will 
teach teens how to identify their thoughts and feelings to build independence.

In this section teens will learn the power of their feelings, basic meltdown prevention strategies, and 
steps to improving their self-esteem. Section three offers practical strategies to help teens reach out 
and connect with others. Teens will learn how to be a social scientist, advocate for themselves, make 
friends, and more.

The Worry Workbook for Teens Description

This step-by-step workbook will help teens confront their anxiety by learning positive behavior-based 
strategies. It features real life scenarios that teens can relate to. Use it one on one or in a group to help
 teens build a plan to manage their anxiety at school, deal with procrastination, manage friendships,
 and more.
This workbook is designed to help teens understand reasons why they are feeling anxious. They will 
learn how to stop unhelpful “junk mail” thoughts from taking over. They will develop a plan for facing 
their fears and worries so that they can reach their personal goals.
176 page
Size: 8 x 0.5 x 10 
You can get these products here at no extra cost to you. just type the name of the product in the 
Search Bar at the top of the page.

You can join my Autism community at Autism Gems

autism products

Practising Gratitude Towards People

Practicing gratitude-turning talk into practice

Practicing Gratitude-turning talk into practice.

Today, I would like to practice gratitude towards people who have, in some way or other, left a favorable impression on me and remember them with fondness. Those who may have shown kindness, integrity, or gone the extra mile for me.

Gratitude for my dad

My dad-the hardest thing is to limit dad to a few short paragraphs! An incredible man who loved his family and community. After his death, all the Hungarian clubs in Victoria that mushroomed from the first club he started, stood for 5 minutes silence in his honour, even though he had been off the scene for more than 30 years when he died at 86.

He left Europe to give us a better life and built a tiny bungalow for us to live in while he built our first brick home. He was responsible for bringing out all our family, giving them free board and food until they could be independent.

The words 'nuclear family' meant nothing to us as we were always surrounded by a huge family, as well as community. Dad also helped other young men and couples who migrated to Australia. They were always included in family outings and our combi van was always full of people and food.

He built up small businesses as a greengrocer and had a thriving fish and chips business. His days started mostly at 3.30 am to go to the market and home at 6pm. He was a homing pigeon and always happy to be home, but sometimes did visit his brothers' families who lived in the same street or area, most of the time. He never charged the family for food they took from our shops.

As family did not have cars in the early days, he would do the rounds and pick up all my cousins and drive us to school.

He never complained about being tired, and when we were old enough to go out to functions, he would eat, have a shower and get ready to take us out and wait around somewhere until it was time to pick us up.

He always knew how to cut costs but give people a great feed. In his fish and chips business, he made his own fish cakes and they were so popular. On Fridays, I had to help as the shop was bulging at the seams with people and the cue went outside the door and down the side street alongside our side fence. We had two fish and chips shops on either side of us, just a short distance away- empty, of course!

Later in life, he became a real estate agent. I remember a time when the interest rates were very high in the 1970/80's and it was common for young couples to get second mortgages on top of a first mortgage.

A young couple wanted to buy a house from dad but he refused to sell it to them as he looked over their finances, and said that a second mortgage would ultimately lead them to lose their house and put pressure on their marriage. The bank had okayed them for the two loans, as they did in those days!

There is so much more to dad, but the loveliest memory was when he would take mum to the station to go to work in the early morning. I would hear a clatter in the kitchen and he would bring me breakfast in bed, with a cup of coffee and a rose in a small vase. He always said 'a rose for a rose.'

I still cry at his memory and it is going on 7 years since he died.

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Gratitude for my teachers

Mostly, and unfortunately, the majority of my teachers were stressed, mean, or just interested in getting information across. The teachers that I have fond memories of were those who were able to get off their pulpits and show kindness and have a little 1:1 moment while teaching. Just reading what I have written, I wonder why I actually liked school!

My Grade 6 teacher

She was a nun and the kindest one in my four years at catholic school. Nuns could be tough ladies!
I don't remember her hitting us, as part of normal practise at the time, when they were annoyed at someone's antics. Often, the whole class copped it so we would get angry at the culprit and put peer pressure on him( yes, it was always a 'him').

My family went overseas for three months so she would sit with me every day, before we went, and taught me what I needed to learn. Looking back, I would have done well with homeschooling as I was a quick learner and enjoyed the 1:1 sessions.

Mr. Pavlov

Mr. Pavlov was a Russian teacher who was a mixture of strictness but funny! he could get angry but no-one was really scared of him. If the boys got on his nerves, he called them 'potatoes' and they knew they were out of line.

I remember his kindness- when he roved the classroom, he always spoke kindly to me and asked me how I was going. I was not backward in maths. but I certainly was not super confident either. If he thought I wasn't sure of something, he explained the concept quietly at my desk and he always got his message through easily.

Mr. Kuhne

Another maths. teacher who struck terror in us all! Everything was black and white and there were no excuses. He told us the rules on the first day and stuck to them. He took a lineup area and everyone rushed to be on time as even talking to a Principal etc was no excuse- you just had to be lined up on time.

What a nice surprise to find how patient he was on a 1:1 basis, and he made maths so easy to understand that I actually enjoyed it. He was kind on a 1:1 basis and was patient with students who needed some support. He just did not tolerate rudeness and those who wasted time in class.

Mr. Jones

My art teacher who was just a nice guy. You did not have to be good at art, just enjoy it. He was one of the only teachers, in that era, who allowed us to stay inside at lunchtime.

Miss Simpson

My English teacher for both English and English Literature. When I was a teenager, a lot of learning was 'chalk and talk', with copying from the board or answering questions on paper.

I remember being very upset as Miss Simpson would come in, sit on top of a desk, and just talk or fire questions at us. I was so concerned that my exercise books were empty!

She was encouraging us to think and talk, express our views.  Our results were phenomenal- with the majority of our class receiving A's in our final year. this enabled me to get into the college of my choice.

Miss Helen Welsh

Vice-principal at one of the schools where I do a substantial amount of casual teaching.

Helen has been so kind and this has enabled me to have lots of work, especially working in the grade 2/3 area. She has respect for my experience and, as she asks for me by name when she rings the agency, she has given me a high profile as the agency has said that I am the only teacher that is requested by name! I am now an ambassador for the agency.

Rahul and Sheetal

The parents of two young students who I tutor, they are doctors and lead a very busy life as they are on call.

They tell me how they appreciate how I teach their children and asked, this past Christmas, if I would mind if they gave me a raise in pay!

The resident doctor who saved my life.

I was five months pregnant and was taken to hospital with appendicitis. I had a high pain threshold and I remember the incredible pain. I was taken in about 9 pm and they were waiting for a doctor to arrive- a Mr., not just a DR.! Well, he just didn't arrive and they had to keep changing the time of my operation.

Finally, he arrived and it was about 2.30 pm next day that I was taken into theatre. By that time, my appendix had burst and the pain was escalating and I just wanted to escape the incredible pain. The nurses said, with glints in their eyes, how lucky I was to have this doctor operating on me.

Well- Mr. arrived! He walked into the theatre (I was still conscious) and walked over to the nurses where there was a bit of giggling going on. Not a look at me.  The last thing I remember was the resident doctor being very angry and shouting to others to get me ready for the operation as I was in a bad way.

Well, that week I had round the clock checks every 10 minutes. I remember not being able to open my eyes at one point but hearing what was going on around me. I remember a very high level of pain. I remember feeling that I could just slip away and then, feeling so scared that I could die, I talked myself into positive thinking mode- you will survive, the team in hospital will look after you etc.

When I left the hospital, the matron and the doctor talked to me separately, and said that I had been so ill that it was a miracle that I was still alive. They actually used the word 'miracle'. So the feeling I had that I could pass on was real!

They also said that there was no word to describe my baby surviving. They had expected both of us to die.

My lovely partner, Rob!

I now have a partner who has stuck by me when I went through a bad depression and was close to a breakdown after my dad died and the family went to pieces. He was there holding my hand when the doctor and nurse were trying to get my heart beat back to normal, as they said I was having a heart attack, stress induced.

He always wakes up with a smile and a big, cheery hello. He doesn't bully and scream and yell.

He made me realise that putting on a smile for family and friends, pretending to be devoted in front of family and friends while screaming, yelling and bullying when there were no witnesses around, and wandering around who knows where instead of coming home were not choices I had to put up with again.

Who are you grateful for? Please comment below.
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