Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

I would like to offer you my best diet tips for weight loss that may be unusual but can boost your weight loss efforts.

Some tips are daily habits that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and will help you with appetite control and losing weight gradually.

Starting new habits

If you want things to change, then you must incorporate change into your life. If you are serious about weight loss. whether you choose to do it gradually or quickly over a shorter time frame, then you must start new habits. The habits I chose to share with you are simple and easy to add to your regime.

Tip 1

I substitute coffee and tea with water laced with lemon juice or lemon essential oil. Lemons are so expensive at the moment and, as my partner and I both use it daily, we use lemon essential oil ( just a couple of drops in our water container)

It is thirst quenching-a lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty, so always have a drink before you go into the pantry.
It is a simple habit that controls hunger and you should prepare a bottle daily for you to drink. I put it in the freezer when I wake up and then remove it when I go to work. Just the right temperature and keeps cool most of the day. I start the day with this drink, first thing when I hit the kitchen.
I noticed that when I drink tea and coffee throughout the day, I actually feel more hungry!

Tip 2

Apple Cider Vinegar-this is a wonderful product to have in your cupboard with many uses. I know some people shudder at its taste but it does not have to be unpleasant. 
I think people go overboard with the amount they use and any wonder they are not using it!
I use it only twice a day and that is enough for me as it curbs the desire to nibble on something.
There are a variety of ways to use it:-
i) One teaspoon in a glass of water (or half a glass, if you want to drink less) with one teaspoon of honey. Some say one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar-do what you can tolerate as you won’t do anything that pains you! 
Even if you are on a diet, you can still have desserts, so allow honey to be your special thing. It has good properties so I don’t have a problem using it for weight loss.
This drink has significantly helped in reducing my hunger pangs and tendency to reach for something to eat, and I drink it twice a day.

Tip 3

I read about turmeric for pain relief in joint pain and as a weight loss agent (as well as cancer) so I started incorporating it into our daily regime.
Note: For turmeric to work, it must have 2 elements added to it- heat and black pepper. Honey also must be pure.
We combined turmeric, a touch of black pepper, cider vinegar and honey with warm water. Hot water will take away the potency of honey and vinegar! Sometimes, we have this beverage straight or we may add it to tea or coffee, if we have a desire to have them.
My partner went to the Home Show and brought home a large container of Tumerix.
I wish we could be affiliates for this product as it is wonderful. It has everything in it that helps you with weight loss, as well as other ailments. 
It has the black pepper, ginger, cinnamon….just to name a few spices. I also drink this twice a day sometimes, instead of the other drink. So I change it around with my mood but, either way, the drinks control hunger very noticeably.
If you use Tumerix with tea, then it is like a chai tea. If you put it in coffee, it tastes like Golden Coffee. So versatile and delicious!
And guess who throws it into her main meals, as well! 

Tip 4

I read the Boiled Egg Diet, which is only meant to be done for a very short time. After one week, I lost 10 centimetres off my hips and chest, and 11 centimetres off my waist. The funny thing was that I broke it so many times, sometimes not my fault! 

Yes, I ate pizza and, on boiling hot days, I ate ice cream and I also ate crackers at night!

However, it works. So, if you are interested, it is online and is easily found on Pinterest too.

The reason I brought it up was because I wanted to share ideas that were more long-term habit changing ideas. I wanted to show how you can modify a short-term diet into a more long-term habit.

What I found with the Egg Diet was that I was never hungry in the morning. This surprised me as I was used to having at least one slice of multigrain toast for breakfast and I thought I would be hungry with the breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and I orange.

My habit now is to eat 2 boiled eggs and an orange for breakfast each day I work and I never feel peckish and can last comfortably until my snack and lunch breaks.

I can be a bit peckish in the evening so my splurges are a slice on toasted multigrain bread with vegemite or peanut butter or Salada crackers.

The habit of eating boiled eggs and oranges for breakfast has helped me with slow, gradual weight loss.

I have shared just a few tips that you may like to try and add to your repertoire of healthy diet practices. I hope this post has been helpful to you. 

I am interested in hearing what you find successful so pop a comment below.


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Does gratitude contribute to wellness?

Does gratitude contribute to wellness?

I decided to find out how gratitude contributes to wellness as there are many memes and printables focusing on gratitude.  Have we ever thought about gratitude and its importance to us as a society?

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is a social emotion and it connects us to our social world. It is directed at someone who has helped us in some way and it can range from a simple act of someone offering their seat on public transport to a lifelong gratitude for an act of kindness that may have had grand repercussions to someone, such as an act that may have saved someone's life.

The power of gratitude is its ability to build repricocity in others so if you practise gratitude towards others, they are more inclined to reciprocate gratitude themselves. Gratitude becomes a circular event that connects us socially, with warm feelings towards other human beings.

Scientific research has shown that practising gratitude, with you being the giver or receiver, stimulates the frontal cortex of the brain and this sets a chain reaction which ultimately leads to a boost in our mental wellbeing. 

Practising gratitude helps us become better human beings by being less selfish in our wants and perceived needs, and develops humility in oneself. Instead of focusing on perceived deficits, such as the lack of material wealth, we focus on our blessings by actively thinking about the 'positives' in our daily and long-term life.

It is so easy to focus, for example, on one bad thing that has happened and not let it go. That one thing masks the many good things that have also happened and we need a jolt in our thinking to put things in perspective as focusing on negatives can impact your mental wellness.

What prompted me to start thinking about gratitude?

As I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I saw an idea that I loved. It was the Gratitude Jar, wherein you write one thing you are grateful for each day and place this note in the jar. 

At the end of the year, you should have 365 memories of things you were grateful for throughout the year. I thought it was a great idea and what a lot of lovely memories you would be reliving, that you would ordinarily have forgotten. 

It is a great way of training your mind to think of something that was positive and uplifting, and that you are grateful for. 

Throughout my life, I have seen others who spend most of their time reminiscing on all the negatives in their lives and focusing on bad memories. They were emotionally draining, unhappy people. 

Should you make an effort to practise the art of gratitude?


As mentioned earlier, practising gratitude has a beneficial effect on our brain and mental and physical wellness. On social media, time and time again, I have often read that if we ever saw the effects negative thought had on us internally, we would never have a negative thought again. 

I was listening to an audiobook prior to sitting down to write this part, and it was discussing the effects that negative and positive thoughts have on us and it made an astounding statement.

 Along with the claims that are perhaps expected, it said that when we are in a negative zone e.g. we are scared of bees that may be in our line of sight, we emit our anxiety so powerfully that a bee can actually pick up our vibrations, interpret our anxiety and sting us. 

I have never been scared of bees so that may explain why I have not been stung, even though there were plenty of bees around as I grew up. I have decided to add this in as an interesting fact, and you may or not believe it!

One article went into depth about how a negative thought triggers a set of physical reactions within our body and it was staggering to read how many reactions our bodies experience, without us being aware of the potentially harmful chemical surges within our body.

Having negative thoughts sets a train of events inside our bodies that we cannot fully perceive as it is invisible to us. 

So it is valuable to train yourself to practise gratitude until it becomes a habit.  

 I have witnessed a total lack of gratitude in others who are unable to say 'thank you' for a present or unexpected handout, for time spent helping them or mentoring them in a new job and they are miserable souls for whom nobody is ever 'good' enough and you can never get their loyalty. 

Needless to say, they have fractured relationships in life and this turmoil cannot be good for their mental or physical wellness. 

If you feel you have nothing to feel grateful for or think that you are a 'half-glass empty' person who dwells on the negative, remember that :

  • someone took their last breath 
  • someone received news that they had a life-threatening illness
  • someone was just retrenched
  • someone lost a baby
  • someone didn't have enough money when shopping and had to put groceries back
  • someone suffers from depression in silence
  • someone had news that their partner had just died 
  • someone who needs to work has a sick child but manages their family
  • someone has a child with a diagnosis that means lifelong special care
  • someone is in an abusive relationship but it is better than living on the street or being stalked
  • someone whose marriage has deteriorated and finding it hard to keep up the pretense
  • someone is having a breakdown and being judged by family

What to be grateful for each day:

Do you appreciate 

  • someone you don't know smiling at you unexpectedly?
  • offering you a seat?
  • making you a cup of tea or coffee?
  • cooking dinner?
  • taking you out for dinner?
  • helping you with a project?
  • staying after work to talk to you?
  • a child bringing you a flower? (I get this sometimes from school children)
  • letting you go first in the queue?
  • someone picking up something you dropped?
So many possibilities!

The Benefits of Gratitude

The benefits of gratitude are twofold: physical and mental wellness. Some people are better at it than others so, for some, it is a habit to be acquired by practising with deliberate intention. 

Without gratitude, we lose the 'glue' that binds us, not only to those we know, but to the rest of humanity. 

Those who helped Jewish people escape from the Nazis, by hiding them in their houses, did so at their own peril. The gratitude felt by those who were saved was a lifelong feeling towards those strangers.
Gratitude develops trust towards the humanity of others. If people are kind to strangers, we feel safer and more secure in our place in the world.

You can start developing the habit of gratitude with this bundle which contains downloadable pdf's:

-weekly templates 
-attractive Binder Cover
-Reflection sheet template to use as many times as you want
-Gratitude Jar labels

Gratitude Bundle-start developing the habit of gratitude with this gratitude bundle now
You can purchase it here

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    Alopecia-Temporary and Permanent Hair Loss

    Alopecia-Hair Loss

    If you are interested in finding out about Alopecia-Hair Loss, there are a number of courses, both free and small money- that you can enroll in and extend your knowledge. They cover hair loss in both men and women.

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    Course One: Normal Hair Loss

    23 lessons- 6 hours 55 minutes
    *this course is presently featured on the home page

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    3. Causes and Treatment for hair loss.
    4. Common hair loss causes.
    5. What are natural hair care products?
    6. Effective herbal remedies for hair loss.
    7. Daily hair care tips.
    8. Biotin and hair loss.
    9. A hair loss cure for men.
    10. Female hair loss.
    11. Balding solutions for men and women.
    12. A cure for the age-old problem of hair loss.
    13. Hair loss remedies to do at home.
    14. The best natural hair loss treatments.
    15. Natural hair loss treatments-herbs.
    16. Pamper your hair to help them grow faster.
    17. Simple scalp exercise.
    18. Antioxidant food supplements.
    19. Choosing the hair loss remedy.
    20. Be careful while choosing a hair loss remedy.
    21. Hot tips to prevent hair loss.
    22. The best ways to prevent hair loss.
    23. Conclusion.

    Course Two: The Truth about Hair Loss

    9 lessons, 2 hours 8 minutes.
    *this course is presently featured on the home page

    1. Causes of hair loss.
    2. Definition of baldness.
    3. Causes and risk factors and treatment of baldness.
    4. Questions to ask your doctor.
    5. Recommendations.
    6. Hair loss: Procedures to avoid.
    7. More recommendations.
    8. How is medically induced hair loss treated?

    Course Three: Prevent Hair Loss in Men

    9 lessons, 2 hours, 15 mins.
    Hair loss in men

    1. Introduction
    2. Useful hair tips.
    3. Simple scalp exercise for falling hair.
    4. Male hair loss.
    5. Andropause and hair damage.
    6. Going bald solutions for men and women.
    7. Biotin and hair loss.
    8. Too little protein?
    9. Hair diseases.

    If you prefer to read, The Hair Loss Black Book Bundle with three bonus' may be right for you.
    You can find out if this bundle is for you here
     The Hair Loss Black Book Bundle-All About Hair Loss and Hair Care

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    Healthy Hair Hacks

    Healthy Hair Hacks

    Healthy hair hacks

    Healthy Hair Hack One:

    I decided to write about the healthy hair hacks I practice, and know of, as hair is your crowning glory and women are often admired for their hair.

    When I was younger, I was lucky to have thick, healthy hair that did not need a lot of tricks to look good. It was healthy and I did not have to worry about split ends, dullness or dandruff.

    As I got older, I noticed some grey hairs appearing and started dyeing my hair and this did not impact on my hair for a long time.

    However, age dries out our skin and hair and I noticed that my hair started to dry out and be more unmanageable. I also read about the harmful effects of dyes entering our bodies so, as I am more intent on being as healthy as I possibly can, I decided to stop dyeing my hair. 

    But I was not ready to go 'grey' yet so I trialed something and it worked. I have nay-sayers but it works so give it a go and see if it works for you.

    This is what I did and it is simple and also much cheaper than dyeing your hair.

    I bought a hair rinse from the supermarket for a few dollars, the shade of my original hair.
    Now, these rinses tell you to leave them in for relatively short times but I leave it in for one hour. 

    That is as simple and as effective as you get: leave it in for at least one hour to cover greys and get the colour you want.

    Now, others keep telling me that rinses do not cover grey hair but I have much more grey than the young nay-sayers who are only sprouting a few here and there!

    The benefits of this healthy hair hack:

    1. It lasts for 3-4 months while it covers my grey. True!

    2. It gently fades so no ugly stripe on top of your head.

    3. Hair is shiny and healthy as rinses do not have the harmful chemicals that dyes have. 

    4. It is much cheaper to buy a rinse for $5, which lasts for over 3 months.

    5. If you have dyed your hair, you can use a rinse over the top when it is starting to fade and this will lengthen its life, as well as covering the tell-tale stripe. 

    Healthy Hair Hack Two:

    If your hair is very dry or unmanageable, you can use olive oil.  

    Dampen your clean hair and apply warm olive oil throughout your hair. Massage it well into your hair.  

    Wrap glad wrap around your head and leave it in for an hour. Then wash out with shampoo.

    Healthy Hair Hack Three:

    Use essential oils in your shampoo.  This will make your hair smell heavenly, and you can choose your favourite oils for their scent or you can focus on their beneficial uses.

    You only need to add a few drops into your shampoo as essential oils are highly concentrated.

    You can use peppermint oil in your shampoo as the menthol helps control dandruff. The added benefit to using peppermint is that it is a brain stimulant and helps with alertness.

    The citrus blends will help with oil control.

    If you are interested in having a look at the oils I use, you can visit my website here

    The oils are the purest, and are also suitable for cooking and last for a very long time as you only use tiny amounts.

    If you are interested in finding out about the power of  essential oils and my introduction to them when I was not well, you can read it here

    Best Ways to use Essentail Oils

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